presented by FAB Crew and BRIDGE Collective

SubSurface 2013 returns to Fountain Square for Labor Day Weekend

This year’s event will feature returning heavy-hitters DF crew, MadeULook, Metal Fingers, Higher Level Art, Like One, Crazy In Style Artists, and many, many more from Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, New York City, Denver and beyond. As usual, we will have the finest Indianapolis-based graffiti artists including IWS / FAB Crew, Brame UW and more.

Friday, August 30 will see the closing reception for FAB Crew Presents: Post-Graffiti Abstracts at PC Gallery in the Murphy Art Center. The show will feature works of SubSurface artists who have played a role in the legacy of SubSurface as an event whose centerpiece is high-quality art.  Featured work will center on abstract or non-representational work that preserves the hallmarks of graffiti style and technique. The closing will also feature a talk by artists involved. The opening takes place on First Friday, August 2.

Saturday August 31 also marks the opening of the Midwest Graff show by Midwest Street Art. The show will include the work of SubSurface artists, but also many more works from street artists around the region.

We are grateful to return to the White Rabbit for our 2nd annual SubSurface Official After-party Saturday August 31. This year’s lineup, much like the event does with visual artists, features the finest Hip-Hop acts Indianapolis has to offer. The Proforms, Echomaker with DeFame and DJ TopSpeed return for their second year and Hinx Jones,  also well-established Indy natives, will be joining us for the first time. We believe this show is a snapshot of the great talent going on within our community.

You can find our home base at the IWS / FAB Crew site, the “Midwest Fire” building’s west wall off of Prospect. We’ll have DJ’s keeping the vibe right, T-shirts for sale, SubSurface mixtapes and maps of all walls being painted that weekend. It is our hope that the residents of our city will take notice and feel proud that this is happening in our city.

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